Ask the Plumber: elegant bathroom accessories made for close space

June 16, 2019

Dear Ed: I’m renovating our small downstair bathroom into a stylish powder room. It is a very close space, but I want to use a higher-end lavatory and basin. Any creative plumbing renovation fixture ideas?

— Karen, Idaho

response: Just because you’re renovating a small space doesn’t mean you have to think basic fittings. There are many higher-end space-saving fittings to choose from.

For the lavatory, I recommend searching into the round-front style. You can usually see all the artwork details found in the extended lavatory bowls. Also, there’s a one-piece lavatory style called compact extended that highlights a longer bowl in a round-front-lavatory footprint.

For a space-saving basin, I recommend a semipedestal. This type of basin highlights a wall-hung basin with a small section of the pedestal covering the basin trap only. These creative fittings can open up new ideas for closed-in spaces.